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Information Management & Governance

Big shifts are under way with app sec—across tech, teams and tools. Our Buyer's Guide for Application Security Tools helps get you up to speed fast. 
TechBeacon Guide: Application Security Tools 2021 
QA is evolving from a separate function to an integral part of the software team. 
TechBeacon Guide: World Quality Report 2020-21—QA becomes integral 
TechBeacon’s in-depth analysis of the latest vulnerability data shows the threat landscape is changing rapidly. Here's what your team needs to know.
TechBeacon Special Report: National Vulnerability Database Analysis
It's time to think big about cybersecurity. Understand the difference between cybersecurity and cyber resilience, key trends, and how to make a shift. 
TechBeacon Guide: The Shift from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience 
Find out why your data security approach for unstructured data is business critical, and get up to speed on the tools landscape. 
TechBeacon Guide: Unstructured Data Security 
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