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Best of TechBeacon 2017: App dev takes a team

Jaikumar Vijayan Freelance writer

Demand for people with programming skills continues to be strong, and there are plenty of opportunities around the world for software engineers with the right experience and background. But to be successful as a developer, you need to keep on top of the latest trends, constantly honing your skills and knowing where the opportunities are. 

TechBeacon's top 10 application development stories for 2017 highlight where the jobs are, the trends and best practices to follow, the habits to avoid, and the things you need to read up on to stay on top of the game. Collectively, these stories illuminate the opportunities and challenges facing app developers, and best practices for remaining successful.


The best-paying programming languages

Programming jobs command relatively high salaries in the current job market, but the language you choose can make a difference in how much you make. Not all programming languages command the same salaries. Programmers with experience in languages such as Scala and Clojure often command higher salaries than those with PHP, Go or Visual Basic skills. Dave Fecak, principal of Fecak Inc., lists the hot and the not-so-hot programming languages.

6 code and framework trends you should follow in 2017

Keeping on top of the latest and greatest in the programming ecosystem can be challenging. The sheer number of languages and frameworks out there makes it hard to keep track of the trends you should follow, the ones you should keep an eye on, and the ones you can safely ignore. TechBeacon managing editor Mitch Pronschinske has done the legwork for you in this rundown.

How to master Android: What developers can learn from 21 apps

Open-source apps can be great resources for developers who want to learn and improve their skills. The apps provide an opportunity for every programme, from  beginner to expert, a way to get hands-on experience with code before diving into it more fully. Treebo Android developer Aritra Roy offers his list of 21 open-source Android apps you can use to hone your skills. The apps run the gamut from those that beginners can benefit from to those designed for experienced Android developers.

35 programming habits that make your code smell

There are things that all developers do and practices software engineers use that undermine the quality of their work. Sometimes the habits are inadvertent, sometimes not. Most mistakes programmers make can be categorized under code organization, teamwork, code writing, and testing, says senior web developer Christian Maioli. Here's his list of the 35 most egregious programmer fails across the categories.

Lessons from 7 highly successful software engineering cultures

Some of the most successful technology companies allow a great deal of autonomy and freedom to innovate in the workplace. Giants such as Facebook, Netflix, and scores of other technology firms didn't get where they are by following others; they set out to be different. These seven technology firms have established cultures that inspire and motivate people to explore new possibilities, says Mitch Pronschinske in this look at their innovative cultures.

4 forgotten code constructs: Time to revisit the past?

A programming language is only as good as the programmers who code in it. The tendency of many programmers to ignore the right way in favor of the popular way can reduce code clarity and readability and lengthen development time, says senior web developer Christian Maioli. He argues for using four old—and mostly forgotten— code constructs.

The top 12 international cities for software engineers

Silicon Valley is the heart of the US technology industry, but that doesn't mean it's the only place to be if you are a software engineer. There are plenty of other cities around the world to practice software development if you are looking for a change of scene or planning a move to another country. TechBeacon's Mitch Pronschinske lists 12 cities you'd definitely want on your shortlist, along with a cost-of-living breakdown and data on crime, safety, and pollution.

Bootcamps won't make you a coder. Here's what will

Don't get fooled by the job placement numbers that those three- and six-month coding bootcamps throw at you. Close examination of bootcamp numbers show they can be misleading, they're not audited, and often they're just plain inflated. Bootcamp attendees complain about poor quality of training,  improperly trained staff, and that the trainers don't spend nearly as much time as needed on core coding practices. TechBeacon managing editor Mitch Pronschinske takes a skeptical look at some of the facts behind the bootcamps' claims and offers some DIY alternatives that let you teach yourself to code.

8 best practices for microservices app sec

Implementing a microservices architecture can free you from some of the limitations of monolithic approaches at a time when speed and flexibility have become critical considerations for app development, but microservices architectures can introduce a whole new set of security issues. Senior software engineer Marco Troisi examines some of the keys ones, and recommends nine best practices for addressing them.

A guide to RESTful API design: 35+ must-reads

Representational state transfer (REST), has become the de facto standard in recent years for designing APIs that run over HTTP. But do you understand all of the nuances of RESTful API design? How well do you really comprehend concepts such as resource naming, HTTP method usage, hypermedia, and versioning? To get you up to speed, consultant Bill Doerrfeld compiled this useful list of more than 35 must-read resources on API design.

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